Making a will

Drafting your will

Whether you are preparing your will online or dealing face to face with an advisor, please make sure that any bequests or legacies to Children 1st include our full details which are as follows: Children 1st, 83 Whitehouse Loan, Edinburgh, EH9 1AT, Registered Charity No. SC016092

It is also helpful if you can specify that the legacy can be used for general purposes and direct that the receipt of the Treasurer or other duty authorised officer shall be sufficient discharge of the said legacy.

If you already have a will

You shouldn’t change your current will by crossing out or writing instructions on it. The best way to change your will is either to carry out a complete review of your will or to complete a codicil. In a codicil, it is best if you refer to the full details of your original will. You will need to sign and date the document and have it witnessed by two people, just like your will. Keep the codicil with your current will in a safe place. Send, or give, a copy of the will and codicil in an envelope to a friend, solicitor or charity with a note indicating where the original is held.