2022 Council Election Manifesto

Putting children first

On May 5th 2022, Scotland goes to the polls for what may be the most important local council election of our generation.

Children do well, when families do well. But, right now families are facing a perfect storm as they continue to live with the impact of coronavirus and now the cost of living crisis. The actions councillors take in the next five years will be make or break for this generation of children.

On this page you will find the Children 1st election manifesto setting out three pledges for prospective local councillors to commit to take action on if they are elected. The manifesto is also a valuable tool for people who care about children and families and who want more information on the vital issues they can raise with prospective local councillors if they are canvassed in the run up to the election.

You will also find graphics and a social media placard to help prospective local councillors and individuals show their support for putting children first. Share the campaign graphics for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn, or download the social media placard and share a picture of yourself with it, using the hashtag #Children1st. These are a great way to show local voters and council candidates that you are committed to supporting children and families.

Every family in your community will have faced unprecedented challenges over the last couple of years. For families who were already facing adversity, trauma and financial hardship, the impact of coronavirus and the cost of living crisis have only compounded the pressures that make it harder for them to keep their children safe. Every child has right to support to keep them safe, loved and well in their own home, but many families tell us this is hard to find, has long waiting lists or doesn’t exist.

When children grow up safe and loved in their own family they build good relationships, are generally healthy, become resilient, fulfil their potential, contribute to strong communities and are set to nurture the next generation of children. Family support at the right time and in the right place can make all the difference to keeping children safe and families strong.

This is why this election matters to children and their families.

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