Success stories

Read about last year's awards and how seven years of Dragons' Glen has raised over £471k to support vulnerable children and families in Scotland.

Launched by Children 1st in 2012, Dragons’ Glen has become a hugely popular fundraising activity for many organisations across Scotland. Not only does it allows teams to raise vital funds for some of Scotland’s most vulnerable children and families, it also allows team members to develop their business skills while giving them exposure to some of Scotland’s top business leaders.

“Dragons’ Glen is not just about team-building, learning new skills and having words of wisdom from top business gurus – this is about companies showing the difference they can make to vulnerable children and their families in local communities across Scotland.”
Alison Todd, Chief Executive, Children 1st

Funds Raised: £403,811 Teams Mentored: 44


SSE Team A And B

Ross MacDonald, SSE
"Dragons' Glen was a great experience which helped us adapt to the professional environment. It provided excellent exposure to key decision makers inside and outside our organisation, and allowed us to develop projects from inception to completion. It also pushed me out of my comfort zone, in what was in the end, a thoroughly rewarding experience."



Bonar Mercer, Thorntons Law LLP
"Dragons' Glen has been an interesting, exciting, innovative and inspiring challenge. We were so pleased to have been able to raise the funds that we did for what is a fantastic cause, and the fact that we came out as overall winners was a great bonus, and genuinely unexpected."


BCF Tech Team A And B

Sophie Andison, BCF Technology
"Dragons' Glen is an excellent opportunity for anybody looking to give back to the community while developing key business skills. As a relatively new graduate, it was great to be able to develop skills that I had not had much of an opportunity to use so early in my career. The exposure to the Dragons was also fantastic. It was great to be able to spend time with such powerful and influential individuals. Their help was invaluable."


Wood Group

Joshua Bradbury, Wood Group PSN
"I think it’s fair to say that we have all been given a lot of opportunities on the Wood Group graduate scheme but we are all in agreement that our involvement in Dragons' Glen is one of the best and most rewarding experiences we have had."



Megan Hine, EnerMech
"The positive feedback from the Dragons, suggesting that I had good sales and presentation skills drove me to reassess my career and apply for a new role within the EnerMech Business Development Team. Without this experience, I would not have had the confidence to push forward with this change.”