Create a Smile

Create a Smile

#createasmile asks people to show Scotland’s children they all deserve lives free from abuse and neglect.

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By supporting #createasmile you are sending a message of hope to children that they will find new reasons to smile again.

And there are lots more ways you can help us so we can support more children to move on with their lives and rediscover their hopes and dreams.

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How we help

Today, thousands of Scotland’s children are missing out on a happy, carefree childhood because of abuse and trauma. The effects of abuse can last a life-time, but with the right support children and their families can gain the strength to move forward.

Children 1st is Scotland’s national children’s charity. Our skilled practitioners work with children and families across Scotland, helping them to recover from their experiences, find new reasons to smile and to reach their full potential.

We use art, play and drama and involve parents and carers in the healing process. Recovery takes time. So, we don’t take shortcuts. By building confidence and strengthening family and community relationships we provide the foundations for children to enjoy a better future.

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People's Postcode Lottery logoThanks to Players of People’s Postcode Lottery, whose support helped to create this initiative.