Ten top fundraising ideas

Kilts for Kids ideas1 Have a Tartan Day

Pay to wear something tartan to school or your club. Hold a Tartan Fashion Show to show off your unique style in front of the rest of the school. Maybe even craft your own tartan clothing and demonstrate your sewing skills.

2 Mini Highland Games

Hold your own Highland Games, where different clans (houses/classes/groups/teams) compete in child friendly activities, such as tossing the cardboard caber, Scottish country dancing, tug of war, haggis throwing and the farmer’s dash. Or create your own activities.

3 Tartan Trek

It can be a toddle round the playground for the wee ones or a half-mile trek for older children. Wear something tartan, get sponsored and keep fit and healthy. You’ll find sponsor sheets on our website.

4 Sing For Scotland

Write a new Scottish-themed song as a class or in groups. Perform and compete at your St Andrew’s Day school assembly to find the winner. Youth Groups could have a Scottish themed performance showcasing the talents of members, including singing, dancing and acting.

5 Strictly Come Scottish

It’s all about celebrating our Scottish culture. Why not dust off those dancing shoes and hold your own Scottish country dancing competition. Sell tickets to friends and family or even better, get them to join in!

6 Fundraise For All

Give children the opportunity to think up, plan and undertake their own fundraising event for Kilts for Kids - let their imaginations run wild while learning about the work of Children 1st.

7 Tartan Tuck Shop

Learn about different Scottish foods. Some, such as shortbread or porridge can be made by different classes in school or at home to sell.

8 Kilted Crusader Competition

Have a competition to create Scotland’s very own superhero - a Kilted Crusader! Design an outfit and give your Kilted crusader a name, some characteristics, favourite things, special powers…the list is endless! Children pay £1 to take part and the winner is chosen by a panel of judges.

9 Scottish Quiz/Colouring Competition

Why not try creating your own Scottish quiz? For younger children, what about a Scottish-themed colouring competition? Pupils pay to enter and the winner gets an extra playtime for their class.

10 Big Braveheart Bake Sale

Tablet, fudge, macaroon, flapjacks, anything! Parents, children and staff could ‘bake for Scotland’ and enjoy a charitable treat.