Children 1st Giving Club
Transforming the lives of Scotland’s children

The COVID19 pandemic has been an incredibly challenging time for all of us, but for thousands of children across Scotland it has torn their world apart. Scotland’s children have experienced unprecedented levels of distress and we know that the impact of the pandemic will continue to be felt for many years to come.

 By joining the Children 1st Giving Club you can be part of a dynamic philanthropic community making a world of difference to Scotland’s children and ensuring the trauma of the pandemic doesn’t last a lifetime.

Natalie's story

“Things between me and my daughter Sienna had been difficult for a long time but when lockdown came everything got worse.

"Both me and my husband were put on furlough. Sienna couldn’t go to school or do any of her usual hobbies and she didn’t want to talk to anyone...

“We weren’t used to the three of us being cooped up together and the arguments got worse. Sienna would get so angry she would lash out at me and smash up the house. It was just awful. There were times I just stayed upstairs in my bedroom and cried.

“Sienna started to get help which was a relief but there was no one for me to speak to. I felt like I was all alone. When I spoke to Ann from Children 1st it was the first time somebody had asked me how I felt. I know I can trust Ann and that she’ll listen to me and give me advice without judging.

“If it wasn’t for Children 1st I don’t think we would be where we are now. Having somebody there to support us was a lifeline for me.”

Be a catalyst for change for Scotland’s children


The Children 1st Giving Club is a vibrant community of donors focused on ensuring Scotland’s vulnerable children get the best possible chance at life. 

By joining the club and making an annual donation of £2,000 or more, you will stand with us in championing a better future for Scotland’s children. You will support Children 1st to reach the children who most urgently need us and help us to develop innovative ways to best support their families to repair and recover from the pandemic.  

Here’s how your gift could help

or a regular monthly gift of £167 could help 30 families access our Money Advice Service, empowering them to tackle the rising cost of living, better manage their money and putting on average £4,000 back in their pockets
or a regular monthly gift of £417 could support 180 parents, carers or family members who contact our dedicated Children 1st Parentline with worries about a child
or a regular monthly gift of £834 could help 6 families begin to recover from the isolation, grief and trauma of the Coronavirus pandemic by working with one of our dedicated Family Support Workers
Collectively, our Giving Club members have the power to make a huge impact on the children and families we support - £75,000 would help create comfortable, nurturing Welcome Rooms for our pioneering new Bairns’ Hoose service, which aims to transform children and young people’s experience of the Scottish justice system

As a member of the Children 1st Giving Club you will benefit from:

  • The unique opportunity to help decide the three priority areas of our work The Giving Club will fund each year
  • An exclusive event programme showcasing the life-changing impact of your support
  • Unique and insightful access to our services and the opportunity to meet our Trustees and Senior Leadership Team
  • A personal point of contact, offering bespoke updates and communications

To join the club please click the button below and make your donation online or set up a monthly, quarterly, or annual Direct Debit.

Alternatively, please get in touch at or on 0345 108 0111 to request that a form be sent to you by post, for more information on the club or to discuss your support.