Volunteer stories


I joined Children 1st Scotland in 2014 because I wanted to make a difference for families and help those in need.

When I first joined, I took part in a challenging training course arranged by the charity. Though it was demanding with all the homework and assessments, it definitely provided me with in-depth and crucial knowledge that was required before meeting with families. Learning in a fun environment with the workers and other volunteers made the training easy to get through with lots of support and collective team work.

Upon successful completion, I was soon actively involved in supporting a family, attending other training sessions, summer activities, open evening events in nurseries and much more. Putting myself on the frontline of volunteering not only introduced me to new people and families but it really opened my eyes to the fact that there are many more families who are struggling and require help than I thought.

"I will continue my journey with Children 1st for as long as I can, and make as many people smile as I can.

"We don’t need to make huge gestures to help people and it doesn’t always need to involve money, we should strive to do the best we can. And who knows, that small action may have the biggest impact on a person and never leave their heart."

Craig - Parentline volunteer

I volunteered for Parentline after hearing about the role through a charity associated with the football club that I support. Having a flexible work situation, I had considered a few volunteer roles, so when I read what was involved with volunteering for Parentline through the Children 1st website I was keen to enrol for training.

The training was quite intense but very well organised and enjoyable to participate in. It immediately became clear that this is an important role and that the training is imperative to equip volunteers to handle calls covering a wide range of issues.

Once I began handling calls, my confidence gradually grew and it felt good to be able to assist and advise the individuals who were using the service. After each shift you realise how important the training is. In addition, I always feel well supported in the call room by the supervisor so you are never left feeling completely alone.

"Volunteering at Parentline is extremely rewarding. You always feel that you have helped someone during a particularly trying point in their personal lives. Also the role helps me to communicate better with others so I feel it helps me to become a better parent."