Teddies are a brilliant source of comfort for children. By working with people and services across Scotland, we are able to provide our Comfort Teddies to soothe children in distress.

Comfort Teddies are hand-knitted in communities and carried by emergency services and other partners to be given to children in distressing situations. The teddies provide some immediate comfort for children, and also link families to ongoing support through our Parentline service.

You might have also heard them called Trauma Teddies. This is what we called them when we started, and we’ve changed the name to reflect the way this simple gift helps children feel safe.

Your questions answered

Parentline is a lifeline for all families, offering a kind and skilled listening ear for parents, carers and relatives across Scotland. We are here for you at the end of the phone or you can webchat, send an email or text.

By linking Comfort Teddies to our Parentline service we can let more families know that we are here to support them, with any aspect of family life. Visit our Parentline webpages to find out more.

Not at the moment!

Thank you to all the people who have knitted teddies so far. We have been overwhelmed by the public’s amazing reaction to our Comfort Teddies and have enough at the moment to supply all our partners.

We will let you know when we need more.

Children’s safety is our number one priority, and we now have a revised pattern that has been through rigorous testing with Trading Standards to meet EU toy safety standards. 

It is really important that anyone knitting Comfort Teddies follows the pattern exactly, so that your teddy can be given the green light by our testers. This includes the specific type and colours of wool identified as well as the brand and amount of stuffing.

Teddies that are safe, but which don’t follow the pattern or use the stated materials, will be donated to the charity Teddies for Tragedy who are able to give them to children outside the EU.