Comfort Teddy Knitting Pattern

What are Comfort Teddies?

Teddies are a brilliant source of comfort for children. By working with people and services across Scotland, we are able to provide our Comfort Teddies to soothe children in distress.

Comfort Teddies are hand-knitted in communities and carried by emergency services to be given to children in distressing situations. The teddies provide some immediate comfort for children, and also link families to ongoing support through Children 1st’s Parentline service.


Please use the materials specified and follow the pattern exactly. It has been created to meet EU toy safety standards to make sure your teddy is safe to give to children.

Teddies must be made using SIRDAR Hayfield Bonus DK acrylic wool, in the following colour choices:

  • 964 Oatmeal
  • 960 Powder Blue
  • 944 Cupid (pink)
  • 977 Signal red
  • 916 Emerald (green)
  • 957 Primrose (yellow)
  • 766 Pumpkin (mid brown)
  • 981 Bright orange
  • 221 Glitter - Tinseltown (Lilac)
  • 947 Chocolate
  • 965 Black

Please do not use any mohair, angora, feathersoft, lurex or cotton yarn anywhere on the teddy as these often cause allergic reactions.

You will need:

For the knitting:

  • Mixed, bright colours for clothing and a separate colour for the body.
  • Small amount of black or dark coloured yarn for stitching on the face.
  • Size 11 (3mm) knitting needles. A stitch holder or large safety pin would be useful.

For the stuffing:

  • Teddies must be stuffed using Trimits supersoft toy & cushion filling, 100% hi-loft polyester. There should be approximately 50 to 60 grams of filling per teddy.

Knitting Pattern


Garter stitch: - all rows are knitted
Stocking stitch: - one row knit, one row purl


Paws and trousers:

  • Using main teddy colour cast on 10 stitches and proceed in garter stitch for 10 rows.
  • Change to trouser colour and continue in garter stitch for 30 rows.
  • Break off yarn and repeat, casting on again for other leg. Stitches can be left on pin or stitch holder for ease.
  • Using garter stitch and trouser colour, knit across all 20 stitches and work 16 rows.


  • Change to jumper colour and in garter stitch work 24 rows.


  • Change to main teddy colour and in stocking stitch work 5.5 inches.
  • Change back to jumper colour and in garter stitch work 24 rows. Continue working in reverse order to complete legs and paws.
  • On wrong side, stitch sides of head together then turn right way.


  • Pick up 8 stitches either side of neck join (16 in total) and in garter stitch work 20 rows. Change to main teddy colour for paws and work a further 10 rows. Cast off.
  • Repeat for other arm.

To Make Up:

  • On wrong side, stitch up teddy with relevant colours leaving an opening in crotch for stuffing. Turn to right side.
  • Stitch across corners of head for ears before stuffing.
  • Stuff rest of teddy and finish stitching crotch area.
  • Run a thread around the neck area and draw in slightly to create better shape.


  • Stitch a happy face onto front of head using back or stem stitch in black or dark coloured yarn.


  • Cast on 75 stitches in bright coloured yarn and using garter stitch work 4 rows and cast off. Tie round neck and stitch securely to back of neck. Do not stitch down at front.

If you want to download or print the pattern you can also view it as a PDF.

Thank you for supporting children in Scotland.