Money worries

Most families have money worries of one sort or another, and the effects of coronavirus have piled on the pressure.

We know how hard some families are finding coping through coronavirus –especially for parents and carers who are struggling with debt, caring for others or with uncertainties about work or welfare benefits. You don’t have to worry alone – talking to someone you can trust can start to make you feel more in control.

Children 1st Money Advisors have years of experience talking to parents and carers about how money worries affect all of us and what we can do to feel better. They can help you plan so you are more in control. They have lots of advice and ideas about the help available to deal with debt.

Our money advisors can now support parents and carers across Scotland who have money worries that are affecting family life.  You can arrange to speak with a money advisor by contacting Parentline.


Through Parentline, you can arrange to speak with a money advisor, who will:

  • Listen carefully to your story and individual circumstances, so we know how we can help.
  • Give you the latest information on financial support you may be entitled to.
  • Offer advice about how to cope with worry and stress caused by financial uncertainty.


We will support every family to cope through coronavirus.