How Parentline Can Support You
Parentline is Scotland’s free support helpline

The most important thing in a child's life is the relationships they have with the people around them. All relationships can be wonderful and difficult – and we feel this even more intensely in the relationships with our own children.

Our team of volunteers and staff have a real understanding of the stresses and challenges that all families face, and the impact this has on children.

When you contact Parentline, you will be able to say what’s on your mind and share any concerns you might have. Together we’ll explore options for moving forward, looking at ways to cope with any difficulties. And we’ll talk through things you may want to try and suggest where to go for more help if needed.

We always try to:

  • understand the situation as you see it
  • think about what your hopes are – for you, for your child and for the future
  • explore what course of action will work best for you and your family.

It’s never about telling you what to do. We’ll listen with kindness and give you the time, space and confidence to work through any tough decisions to make things better for you and your family.

What can Parentline help with?

  • Anything really – big or small. It might be a parenting challenge or question where you could do with some reassurance or a few suggestions. In more serious cases, you might be looking for advice if you’re worried a child is at risk of harm.
  • Browse this website, or contact us by phone or by webchat for more in-depth support. It could be a one-off, or for as long as you need.

People sometimes think their worries are not important enough. But if something’s bothering you, or if you have a parenting question, then it’s very likely that others have contacted us about similar issues. If in doubt, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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