Safeguarding in Sport resources

Safeguarding in Sport has produced a number of free resources to equip people with the tools to ensure children and young people stay safe and have fun in sport. These resources are for coaches, volunteers, child protection officers – anyone who provides sport to children and young people.

Online coaching and use of social media during coronavirus

Many clubs and governing bodies are turning to online coaching and social media to support children and young people to continue to enjoy sport and train, at this time.  Keeping children connected to the activities they enjoy, the relationships they have with their team mates and coaches has big benefits for their physical and emotional health.

Our guide includes some important information for Governing Bodies and clubs to consider, in order to keep children safe while adjusting to the new reality of the situation we are in.

What to ask? A parent's guide to finding a safe sports club for your child

This guide outlines 10 questions parents can ask of any sports club so they can familiarise themselves with child protection processes, assuage any anxieties and have confidence their child will be safe and enjoy the positive benefits of sport.

A parent's guide to finding a safe sports club


Club guidance: Child Wellbeing and Protection in Sport

A collection of good practice guidelines and templates that your club can use to help promote children’s wellbeing and keep them safe in sport.

Standards for Child Wellbeing and Protection in Sport - Sharing Ideas and Good Practice

Safeguarding in Sport are pleased to share with you our new and updated Standards for Child Wellbeing and Protection in Sport.  These are a set of 8 Standards and accompanying minimum criteria that all sports organisations and groups in Scotland should strive to meet to help keep children and young people safe in sport.  The Standards take a children’s rights approach to safeguarding in sport and provide a benchmark for good practice in this area.

We are delighted to bring you a series of reports to celebrate and share ideas about the work that sports clubs and governing bodies of sport in Scotland are doing to safeguard and promote children’s wellbeing in sport. This first report is about Standard 4: Giving Children a Say - how sport involves children and young people in decisions that affect them.

If you would like the child wellbeing and protection work you are doing to be shared in our next report, please email us at

Social Media guidelines for sports coaches, volunteers and athletes

We encourage sports organisations and athletes to use social media but to ensure that they do so responsibly. These guidelines to keep you safe online are designed to provide helpful, practical advice to individuals within sport.


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Stay Safe & Have Fun In Sport leaflet

Stay Safe & Have Fun in Sport is a leaflet for children and young people to raise awareness about their right to be safe while playing sport. It suggests where children and young people can find help and support if they are worried about something. ‘Stay Safe and Have Fun in Sport’ is suitable for all children and young people 10 years and over. 

To order printed copies (for a small charge) please call us on 0141 419 1156, email: or use the contact form below.

ResourcesStay Safe & Have Fun poster

The poster can now be downloaded and placed on notice boards to inform parents, children and young people, club members and the public about their commitment to child protection.

Play Sport, Stay Safe DVD

This film, produced by the NSPCC, can help sports organisations boost their child protection knowledge. View the film.

Protection of Vulnerable Groups (PVG) Scheme – Briefing

This briefing paper for sports clubs and organisations sets out the background and main issues for sport regarding the Protection of Vulnerable Groups (PVG) Scheme.

This January 2016 Self Declaration update provides Sports Governing Bodies and clubs with information relation to the change in legislation for PVGs and spent convictions.

All the resources mentioned above are available in our Publications section (please note all are free with the exception of the Stay Safe & Have Fun leaflet which has a small charge).

Further advice is available from Safeguarding in Sport – please call us on 0141 419 1156, email: or use the contact form below.

Responding to Adult Disclosures of Childhood Sexual Abuse - Briefing

This briefing paper, in conjunction with Open Secret, is designed to give you an overview of how you can best support an adult disclosing childhood sexual abuse and what ongoing support is available nationally for adult survivors of abuse.

The guidance in this paper relates only to adults over the age of 18 disclosing historical abuse and we would remind you that any concerns about the wellbeing of a child under the age of 18 should be dealt with using your current child protection policies and procedures.

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