Play Sport, Stay Safe film

Play Sport, Stay Safe

Taking part in sport and activities should be fun for children and young people - and their safety should be a top priority for your club or organisation.

Children 1st's Safeguarding in Sport team, alongside the NSPCC's Child Protection in Sport Unit produced the following video clips to help adults recognise, respond and report any concerns they may have about youngsters involved in their activities.

These films are based on situations and issues that often arise in sports settings. They will give you examples of what you and your organisation need to do to safeguard the children and young people you work with.

They feature both club and school settings, but the messages in them apply to everyone who works with children and young people in sport – professionals and volunteers in any role, any sport or activity and at any venue or site.


Concerns about poor practice

This section includes:

  • Inappropriate demonstration of a technique.
  • Verbal abuse, aggression and inappropriate workloads.
  • Supervision levels.
  • Responsibilities of organisations and clubs.
  • Harassment of a referee or official.
  • Pushy parents.


Concerns arising within sport

This section includes:

  • Confidentiality and safer recruitment.
  • Coaches' inappropriate behaviour.
  • Bullying.
  • Disability discrimination.
  • Racial discrimination.
  • Victimisation following a complaint.


Concerns arising outside sport

This section includes:

    • Responding to concerns about physical abuse.
    • Responding to concerns about sexual abuse.
    • Responding to concerns about self-harming.

We recognise that every situation is different. For help and advice for a specific case please contact the Safeguarding in Sport team on 0141 419 1156, email: or use the contact form below.