Standards for Child Wellbeing and Protection in Sport

Additional guidance documents, resources and links

These resources are in addition to those that can be found on the Safeguarding in Sport website.

Template policies, forms and guidance



Legislation and policy

Participation activities

Videos - GIRFEC

  • Scottish Government - videos on GIRFEC which include:
    • children's wellbeing and supporting families
    • a case example: 'Getting it Right for Ryan'
    • an overview of the Named Person scheme.
  • Alliance Scotland: A five-part series (aimed at children and young people) explaining GIRFEC and what it means for children and young people in Scotland. Uses British Sign Language (BSL) as the primary language with speech overlay and subtitles.
1. Getting It Right for Every Child
2. What Does Wellbeing Mean?
3. The Named Person
4. The Lead Professional
5. The Child’s Plan