Stories and poems for kinship carers

The Grandparents Parenting Again and Kinship Carers Midlothian group took part in a creative writing class which led to them producing a booklet of stories and poems about being a kinship carer.

Through Our Eyes is a moving account of the heartache, hard work and hassles of life as an unexpected parent, but one where the love they feel for the children in their care shines through.

Listen to some of the stories and poems


To order a copy of Through Our Eyes, call the National Kinship Care Service on 08000 28 22 33. We’ll pass on your order to the group which will charge £3 per copy plus postage to cover the cost of printing and delivering the booklet to you. The booklet is also a fantastic training tool for professionals who work with kinship carers including social workers, health visitors and teachers.

Through Our Eyes was produced with the support of Midlothian Community Learning and Development, Midlothian Adult Literacy and Numeracy Initiative and Mentor.