We visit kinship care groups around Scotland, learning directly from their experiences and updating them on the services and support available through the National Kinship Care Service, as well as other national and local services run by Children 1st and other organisations.

Our outreach work helps us keep kinship carers up to date with policy changes and new resources. We update individual carers and kinship care groups through our e-newsletter, which is also sent to kinship care social work staff.

From the groups we work with, we understand the value of the support they offer each other and we actively work to encourage and facilitate both local authorities and individual kinship carers seeking to establish a local group.

In addition to kinship carers, we also engage with and liaise directly with local authority teams and other organisations working with kinship care families, including Citizens Advice Scotland and Mentor UK.

We are happy to come and meet with kinship care groups where possible and local authority support teams. If you would like more information, please call 0131 446 2333 or email: parentlinescotland@children1st.org.uk