Feedback and complaints

Should you wish to make a complaint about a matter relating to the work, actions or behaviour of a safeguarder, you can do so in one of the following ways:

It will help us to respond to your complaint if you can tell us:

  • what you think has gone wrong
  • details of any previous contact or correspondence with us about your complaint
  • your name and the address and postcode to which we should send a reply
  • an email address
  • a telephone number.

Read our full complaints procedure

 The Safeguarders Panel Team at Children 1st aims to deal with complaints in a fair way. We will let you know of the proposed timescales for any investigation carried out as a result of a complaint and keep you informed of progress.


If would like to raise a general issue about the service provided by safeguarders (or make a compliment), please contact the Safeguarders Panel Team using the contact details below.

Feedback is welcome about:

  • any general improvements which could be made to the service
  • the involvement of a safeguarder in the child’s case, where it is felt that this has had a positive impact on the child and/or the outcome
  • any other issues which are relevant to safeguarders.

Feedback can also be provided using the Safeguarders Panel Feedback Form.

Contact details

Safeguarders Panel Team
Children 1st
83 Whitehouse Loan

Telephone: 0345 604 4296