Safer children, stronger families, resilient communities

What happens to us as children has a big impact on the rest of our life. But today in Scotland thousands of children live with the daily trauma of violence, neglect, sexual abuse, lack of emotional care and/or poverty. 

Unresolved trauma creates a devastating cycle that spirals through the generations, costing our children, our families and our communities.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Together – we can create a new cycle of hope for every child.

Resilience – the ability to overcome what life throws at us – starts with relationships.

At Children 1st we understand that preventing and providing protection and recovery from child abuse and other traumatic experiences is not a continuum  it is a cycle. 

By working with and alongside children, their families and partners to strengthen relationships, resolve difficulties, repair harm and realise their rights we can create a new cycle of hope which keeps children safer, families stronger and communities resilient.

Reaching every child

Our ambition is to reach every child who needs us, wherever they are in Scotland.

So, our strategic priorities focus on the four key components of prevention, protection, recovery and resilience

Our goals for 2018-2023

Over the next five years we will increase the number of children and families we reach annually. We will:

  •  Prevent abuse, neglect and trauma by offering support, information and advice to families and communities to strengthen relationships and build resilience.
  •  Ensure children’s rights are protected in legislation, policy and practice through direct participation and engagement.
  •  Develop accessible family wellbeing hubs.
  •  Modernise and maximise our resources and partnerships in order to be more agile, responsive and resilient.

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