Children and families

The lines we don't cross

As Children 1st campaigns to give children #EqualProtection from assault, ParentLine’s Ann Jarvis has some thoughts about alternative ways to approach children’s behaviour when things get fraught.

Soul food

Connie is one of our support workers, based in Edinburgh. As well as helping families to have the confidence to prepare healthier, nutritious meals on a budget, she explains how cooking can help open up deeper conversations about where families...

Providing a better life - against the odds

“It's hard, difficult, stressful. I've had many pulled out hair moments. But I really want to show Evie that you have to work and have good values and I want to provide for her.” We wanted to share the story...

Time to tot up the costs of late intervention

It’s time for local authorities and partners to consider the cost of late intervention when it comes to supporting children.

Parents are being let down by our law on physical punishment

If the Scottish Parliament were to pass a law today that allowed us to hit children; to “lawfully cause a child pain,” as the Sunday Times put it, there would be an outcry.

A true story: the power to transform lives

Alison Todd A recent event at the Scottish Parliament was an opportunity for Children 1st to demonstrate how practice and policy based on strong relationships can transform children’s lives. Alison Todd reflects on this theme and what this means for...

Delivering justice for children

Assistant Director Anna O'Reilly and Policy Manager Harriet Hall write about the need for a new approach which provides care and justice for children who have been abused. As public awareness of child sexual abuse in football mounts, one thing...

Heating or eating? A desperate choice for families.

Poverty is an increasing and recurring issue for children and families that we support at Children 1st. We are seeing at first hand the impact of benefit sanctions and welfare reform on children and families in Scotland. Parents regularly talk...

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