Alison Todd comments on Liam Fee verdict

Further to the verdict in the case of the tragic death of Liam Fee, Children 1st Chief Executive Alison Todd said: "Liam suffered appallingly, both physically and mentally, for much of his tragically short life at the hands of his Mother and her partner – those he trusted and depended on for safe, loving care. No one could fail to be moved by the plight of this little boy.

"For now it is only right to wait for the findings of the planned significant case review to see if anything could have prevented his death. But we should be in no doubt that the responsibility for Liam’s death lies with his Mother and her partner.

"This utter tragedy comes at a time when the Scottish Government are reviewing and improving their approach to child protection. At this stage we don’t know if differences in the child protection system could have saved Liam. But what we do know is that a review which only looks at systems and process will not be sustainable unless it also looks at culture, practice and resources."