No man is an island

On Father's Day, ParentLine call-taker Richard Andrews thinks 'strong' men shouldn't be scared to talk about their worries.

Richard Andrews
Richard Andrews
We men like to feel that we are strong, that we are independent and that we don’t need other people. We don’t like feeling vulnerable. It’s especially difficult when we’re having problems with something that is part of who we are, like being a dad.

If you’re like me, you’ll feel a deep bond with your child. You feel responsible for your son or daughter and you want to provide – not just the material things, but love and safety and fun.

That’s a tall order.

Even when things are going well, fatherhood is a pretty heavy load. All dads find it tough sometimes and when things get more difficult, it’s hard to ask for support. You might be trying to protect your son from bullies or keep your daughter safe online. You might be struggling to communicate with your child and wondering how to get back the relationship you had before.  You might be watching your teenager going off the rails an feeling powerless to help. 

That’s when it can help to talk. I know.

I’m a dad and I also volunteer as a call-taker at ParentLine Scotland. I used to have no time for all this touchy-feely stuff. I felt I had to take everything on my shoulders. Now I know just how much it can help to talk things through with someone who won’t judge me, who will point me in the direction of other practical advice and who will challenge me to try some different approaches. 

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