The Kindness Wave

Founder of The Kindness Wave, Laura Beveridge, writes about their mission to deliver love and comfort to children and young people during difficult times.

A month ago, I was introduced to Maxine Sloss from The Super Power Agency. Our friendship was built on a shared belief that all young people deserve the right to grow with confidence, live in a world with opportunity, and feel a sense of belonging and love. We shared our concern for children and young people during lockdown - missing out on seeing friends, loved ones and school life.

To offer comfort and distraction at this difficult time, we created four beautiful care packages with the help of Mainstreet Trading Company. The parcels contained a book (specifically chosen to match their age and interests), some soap to keep their hands squeaky clean, and a card letting them know we are thinking of them.  Each parcel was made with love and sent to a young person who we knew could use a little kindness.

The parcel has helped to lift my mood during a very difficult and scary time… it reminds us that we are not alone and there are still people out there who are able to reach out to us.

Megan Shaw, young person

The response to these parcels was wonderful and the young people felt comforted by our small act of kindness! From this began thinking of ways to reach out to more young people across Scotland. Collective discussions with my 7-year-old daughter, 13-year-old sister, Maxine and the four young people sparked the idea of The Kindness Wave.  We know that not every child has access to art materials, books and activities, and so we decided to send more parcels young people across Scotland.  The benefits of comfort and distraction during this time cannot be underestimated.

The Kindness Wave was formed with four key components; hope, love, comfort and kindness. Our branding is based on drawings by my daughter and sister, and each colour represents the favourite colours of the four young people who were the first to receive parcels.

The Kindness Wave brings us light in these dark times. Their care parcels bring with them a simple gift of thoughtfulness, beautifully wrapped, for those in need of some comfort.

Rosamund De La Hey, Mainstreet Trading Company

To date we have sent 170 parcels, 4 boxes of crafts, hot chocolate, books and activities to children and young people across Scotland. We have also provided parcels to charities and organisations such as Aberlour, Breakthrough Dundee, Children 1st, Children’s Parliament and Shakti Women’s Aid to help in the incredible work that they are doing to support children, young people and their families at this challenging time. 

Our co-founder George O’Shaunessy has also taken the Kindness Wave movement to Oxfordshire. George has brought together an incredible team of creatives and educators to deliver care packs to children and young people in the local area.  It is incredible to see The Kindness Wave Oxfordshire growing strength to strength.  This is a movement that will continue to grow and is much needed now more than eve
We know how important it is to have access to art materials and books, and this is why we have brought together so many amazing suppliers.  We are delighted to have books coming from Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library and they have really inspired our dream. As a child I would have loved to receive a special book like this, and my daughter and I love listening to the Goodnight With Dolly stories online every week now! 
Now that we are registered as a Community Interest Company, our dream is to set up a free parcel subscription service delivering parcels filled with love, comfort, hope and kindness.  Our parcels will also be available to buy and all profits will go right back into sending free parcels to children, young people and adults in need of comfort and distraction. 
Special thanks go to Mainstreet Trading Company, Studio LR, The STV Children’s Appeal, MsMissMrs CIC, Whimsical Lush Articulate Cultural Trust, The Northwood Charitable Trust, and all who have donated to our JustGiving page.
Huge thank you also to Children 1st for hosting this blog, it is always a joy to work with this incredible charity so close to my heart.
With love from Laura Beveridge
Parcel Maker & Founder