Children 1st responds to Child Protection Improvement Plan

Children 1st has responded to today's announcement from the Scottish Government on the measures it proposes to take under its Child Protection Improvement Plan

Alison Todd Chief Executive, Children 1st, Scotland’s National Children’s Charity said: "To enable Scotland’s children to thrive, we need to put prevention at the heart of policy, practice and culture.

"Wherever possible, we should be working to prevent families from requiring statutory prevention measures. Where these are needed, we must be confident that they will result in better long term outcomes for the safety and happiness of the children they are designed to protect. We therefore welcome the strong focus in the Child Protection Improvement Plan report on prevention and the involvement of children and young people, especially those with lived experience, in shaping policy and services that affect their lives.

"From working with families across Scotland we understand that the vast majority of parents want to do the best for their children. Many of the parents we work with face multiple and complex adversities which are rooted in their own childhood experiences. So, improving child protection procedures is only half the solution. Culture and practice change grounded in children’s rights and based on relationship-based restorative approaches which build on families’ strengths and are designed around their needs will make the greatest positive impact for children today and in the future.

"We look forward to working with the Scottish Government to help them put these principles at the centre of the National Child Prevention Plan, so all children in Scotland can flourish."