Children 1st supports John Finnie MSP's campaign to introduce equal protection for children from assault

Mary Glasgow, Director of Children and Family Services and Policy, Children 1st said: “We strongly support John Finnie’s proposal to give Scotland’s children the same legal protection from assault as everybody else in society. The current legal defence of ‘justifiable assault’ against a child makes it more difficult to protect children from severe abuse by creating a blurred line about what is acceptable. Just as importantly it is at odds with what parents know about the importance of building strong healthy relationships to help their children thrive.

“Parents tell Children 1st’s ParentLine service that using physical punishment makes their children’s behaviour worse and strains their relationships. Their experience is backed up by a robust body of research, which shows that physical punishment doesn’t work and can be harmful to children’s long-term health and wellbeing. Most parents in Scotland today have already chosen not to use physical punishment but we cannot continue to let our law give the mistaken impression that physical punishment can be helpful, when we know, without a doubt, that it can harm.”