Boris Johnson’s comments are "an appalling insult" to survivors of child abuse

Commenting on Boris Johnson’s comments on LBC this morning Mary Glasgow, Chief Executive of Children 1st, said:

“It is shocking to hear such outrageous and irresponsible comments about historic child abuse from a senior politician. Child abusers rely on their power, status and a culture of looking the other way to keep children silent about the horrific things that are happening to them. Jimmy Saville and other high profile abuse cases have shown how society’s willingness to turn a blind eye to abuse devastated the lives of child after child.

“Historic child abuse investigations can stop abuse happening to children, the smallest, most vulnerable members of the public, today. They show both child and adult survivors that if you speak out you will be heard, abusers will be stopped and you can begin to recover and move on with your life. For the survivors of child sexual abuse we work with, supporting them to recover from their childhood experiences of trauma, language like “spaffing money up the wall” is an appalling insult given their often horrific experiences.”


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