Children 1st celebrates Volunteers' Week

This Volunteers’ Week we want to send a huge thank you to every Children 1st volunteer. Your kindness and generosity helps keep children in Scotland safe and happy.

Volunteers are such an important part of everything we do at Children 1st – from direct family support, to fundraising, to board members and so many roles in between. Across the country volunteers have been finding new ways to support children and families through the coronavirus crisis. Volunteers like Rebecca:

Rebecca wanted to find a way to keep supporting Evie. As well as all the worries coronavirus brings, Evie is making the transition to high school in August without any of the usual preparations. Video calls felt a bit awkward, so Rebecca suggested an activity to take the pressure off and have fun. Cooking was something Evie and Rebecca had done together before lockdown so they decided to give it a try virtually.

Rebecca said: “As we cook I see Evie’s confidence growing.”

Now every week Rebecca and Evie have a video call and cook together. Evie chooses what they make and they are trying lots of different things like cookies, brownies and making pizza from scratch. While they cook they talk about how Evie is doing and Rebecca can see her confidence growing. Evie’s mum is as an NHS administrator and she has really appreciated having a treat made for her once a week.

Rebecca’s next plan is to choose a recipe book and send Evie a copy so they can work through it together. As a previous teacher, Rebecca loves working with young people and says the opportunity to give something back through volunteering has been really rewarding. We are so pleased to have Rebecca as part of the Children 1st family and are hugely grateful to her and all our volunteers.

Thank you and happy #VolunteersWeekScot!


(To protect the confidentiality of the family, identifying information has been changed.)