Children 1st comment on the final report into sexual abuse in Scottish football

In response to the publication of the Final Independent Report into non-recent sexual abuse in Scottish football, Mary Glasgow, Chief Executive Children 1st, which runs Safeguarding in Sport in partnership with sportscotland, said:

“The personal testimony of the men and boys in the report, who have shown incredible courage, demonstrates how needed this independent review has been. The abuse that young players have suffered in football is inexcusable and heart-breaking. By bravely speaking up they provided the catalyst for the review, and the changes that will come from it are thanks to them. We welcome the ongoing work the Scottish FA has carried out in light of the report’s recommendations and encourage them to continue their progress.

“The Scottish FA are showing that they are willing to listen and implement changes that ensure no more children suffer the experiences described in the report. We are pleased to see children and young people’s involvement in the process, such as the consultation with the Scottish Children’s Parliament. The voices of children and young people are crucial to developing improvements for their own wellbeing and safety, and also to change a culture where children can be frightened to speak up. Safeguarding in Sport, a partnership between Children 1st and sportscotland, has developed the Standards for Child Wellbeing and Protection in Sport, which state that children have a right to express their views and have their voice taken into account. We are keen to support the Scottish FA in their continued implementation of the recommendations, to create a culture in football where we can be sure that every child is safe to enjoy the huge benefits of participating in sport.

“Any volunteer or official looking for advice or support about a child can contact, and our Children 1st Parentline service is here to support every family in Scotland on 08000 28 22 33 or online.”