Children 1st evidence to Scottish Parliament committee calls for systems to be redesigned with children, families, and communities at the centre

Children 1st has published our evidence to the Scottish Parliament Education and Skills Committee inquiry into the impact of coronavirus on vulnerable children, saying that post coronavirus we cannot return to “business as usual.”

The evidence highlights the key issues that children, families, our teams and partners are facing. It identifies what is needed now, and will be needed in future to address the traumatic impacts of the pandemic and to support children, their families and communities to recover and repair from their experiences.

We believe there is a need to consider radical system redesign to meet the needs of a generation of children who have been impacted by the trauma of the pandemic. In line, with the recommendations of The Promise and the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child this will need to be designed alongside children, families and communities and provide support for as long as they need it.

Read our full response to the Committee.