Children 1st response to the Children (Scotland) Bill

Children 1st have responded to the Justice Committee’s Call for Views on the Children (Scotland) Bill, which sets out proposed changes to the civil justice system.

The changes include making sure that children’s voices and views are better reflected when the Courts are making decisions about the important relationships in their lives; provisions for a register of Child Welfare Reporters to streamline practice; protections for survivors of domestic abuse and their children; and measures to ensure children’s best interests are taken into account in contact and residence cases.

As with all our policy work, the views and experiences of children and families we work alongside were central to our response and are reflected throughout it. One mother spoke of her frustration with the current justice system: “If the court had listened to my child I do think things would have been different and his relationships would be different and probably a lot safer.” 

You can read our full response in the 'Speaking up for children' sections of the website.