Children 1st welcomes Bairns’ Hoose vision and appointment of Delivery Group Chair

“Far-reaching” Scottish Government vision for Bairns’ Hoose and appointment of Governance Group Chair, welcomed by Children 1st, the charity piloting the country’s first Bairns’ Hoose in East Renfrewshire.

Children 1st, the children’s charity pioneering the development of Scotland’s first Bairns’ Hoose (Barnahus) for child victims and witnesses, has welcomed the publication of the Scottish Government’s “Vision, Values and Approach for Scottish Barnahus” and the announcement of Val de Souza as the first Chair of the National Bairns’ Hoose Governance Group. 

Mary Glasgow, Chief Executive of Children 1st said: “We applaud the Scottish Government’s vision, values and approach which will ensure trauma recovery support is a core part of every child victim and witnesses’ experience of the justice system.

“This vision is clearly rooted in the experiences of children, young people and their families, the learning from European best practice and the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. We particularly welcome the explicit recognition that to support children we must support their families, which is integral to achieving Scotland’s Promise to children and young people.

“We also welcome the appointment of Val de Souza as Chair of the National Bairns’ Hoose Governance Group and look forward to working alongside her.  When fully realised, this vision will be an international gold standard for support to child victims and witnesses. As the charity leading the pilot of Scotland’s first Bairns’ Hoose, thanks to support of players of People’s Postcode Lottery through the Dream Trust, we look forward to continuing to work closely alongside Val, the Scottish Government, justice, health, social work and third sector and international partners to make this ambitious vision a reality for every child victim and witness in Scotland.”

In March 2021 Children 1st announced plans to open Scotland’s first Bairns’ Hoose in East Renfrewshire, working alongside partners Victim Support Scotland, The University of Edinburgh and Children England. The charity intends that when the Bairns’ Hoose opens at the end of this year, it will serve as a centre for excellence, enabling professionals, policy makers and researchers to develop and share best approaches to developing Bairns’ Hoose across Scotland and the world.