Children 1st welcomes the Vulnerable Witness Bill

Legislation can be the catalyst for wider change


Welcoming the Vulnerable Witness Bill, Mary Glasgow, Interim Chief Executive, Children 1st said: “This Bill marks another crucial stage on Scotland’s journey towards creating a fairer justice system for all. There is clear evidence that taking a child-friendly approach to pre-recording children’s evidence can reduce the risk that they experience further harm and improve the quality of their evidence. This benefits everybody – including the accused.


“We hope that the Bill will become the catalyst for wider changes in training, culture and practice at every level of Scotland’s justice system to better support children and all vulnerable witnesses. Children need to be properly prepared before giving evidence and appropriately supported through justice processes. Once they have finished giving their evidence children must be able to rapidly access trauma recovery services to enable them to move on with the rest of their lives. By getting Scotland’s justice system right for children, we will get it right for everybody. We look forward to continuing to work with the Scottish Government, Courts and Judiciary to do so.”