Children's Parliament ask children to join the coronavirus conversation

All our lives have changed very quickly. The news is filled with adults talking about what it is like for them, and the Children's Parliament want to make sure children's voices are heard too.

The Children's Parliament have created a national wellbeing survey for children in Scotland age 8-14. The How are you doing? survey asks children to share their experiences, hopes and worries, to help them be part of the conversation about coronavirus and make sure adults in charge know what they need.

Children will be asked to do the survey once a month so that the Children's Parliament can see if and how things are changing. Children 1st wants children to be part of any conversation that affects their lives, at every level, and will be sharing the survey with the children and families we work alongside, as well as our own children and families. 

Is there a little one you know who could fill in the survey? Visit the Children's Parliament website to find out more.