Deeside fundraisers reveal unique design for this year’s Banchory Bangle

The annual Banchory Bangle fundraiser is back for the 44th year running, and this year Deesiders will again have a chance to enter the prize draw in person, to raise funds for the charity Children 1st.

Locals will be able to get tickets for the bangle, designed by prominent Perthshire artist and engraver, Dr Malcolm Appleby at the Kincardine Castle annual garden open day on 13th June. Tickets, which cost just £1 each, are also available from local shops including Taylor’s of Banchory.

Jewellery lovers who live further afield, or who aren’t ready to return to the shops just yet, can enter the draw online. Last year, COVID-19 restrictions led the Deeside Children 1st Committee to move the draw online, for the first time ever in the bangle’s long history. After raising an incredible £10K the Committee decided to make the best of both worlds and continue selling the bangle tickets online, as well as in person.

Malcolm Appleby’s 2021 bangle design is intended to inspire hope after the year children and families have faced and reflects the importance of the natural world for children’s mental health and wellbeing.

Dr Malcolm Appleby MBE FRSE said: “The 2021 Banchory Bangle was inspired by our ginkgo trees and their falling leaves, their wonderful colours and varying shapes as they fall to the ground. Our natural world is so important for children’s well-being and for the health of future generations.”

Nicky Bradford, from the Children 1st Deeside Committee said: “This is a great opportunity to win an iconic piece of jewellery and support Scotland’s children and families. We are so proud of how much was raised last year thanks to the online sales. It is exciting to be launching this prize draw in person again though and I can’t wait to see who wins this year.”

There are three bangle prizes to be won in the prize draw. First Prize is the original 2021 Autumn Ginkgo Leaf Banchory Bangle in 18ct gold together with a sterling silver copy, second prize is a copy of the bangle made in sterling silver and third prize is a copy in bronze.

Susan Bradley, Children 1st Head of Public Fundraising said: “We cannot thank Malcolm enough for his support to Children 1st and the incredible time and effort that he puts into making a unique design every year. It is fantastic to be able to offer everybody an opportunity to enter the draw online and in person, to win such a beautiful piece of jewellery and support such an important cause.”

Since the Banchory Bangle began in 1977 the Children 1st Deeside Committee have raised over £170K to support children and families across Scotland.

The Committee also collects scrap silver, to support the Banchory bangle initiative through Taylors of Banchory.