Eight-year-old Robyn's tie dye fundraiser

A THOUGHTFUL little ‘fashion designer’ has used her creative skills to help other children during the coronavirus pandemic.
Eight-year-old Robyn Taggart from Renfrew is raising money for Children 1st, Scotland’s national children’s charity, by making and selling colourful tie dye T-shirts and face masks.
Talented Robyn, has been blown away by the support she has received, with orders coming from as far afield as Australia.
Robyn said: “It makes me feel happy to help other children.
“I really enjoy making the T-shirts and face masks – it’s good fun.”
Parents Cheryl and Iain, both 36, say they are so proud of Robyn.
Cheryl said: “Robyn is a wee star – that’s the word everyone uses to describe her.
“She’s so caring and friendly and is always looking out for others.
“Robyn likes to look after people and be a ‘mummy’ to them.”
It was during lockdown that Robyn came up with the idea to sell her colourful creations.
Cheryl explained: “When we went into lockdown Robyn was trying to find things to keep herself occupied.
“One day she saw someone doing tie dye and she asked if we could try it.
“So we bought a wee kit and had a go and she loved it.
“Then out of the blue she said ‘mum, I think we could sell these’.
“It came from nowhere and it was totally her idea.
“Now it has ended up bigger than what we ever anticipated.
 “The majority of orders are for T-shirts and face masks but she has also dyed cycling shorts and baby  grows.”
Robyn decided to support Children 1st after hearing about the incredible work that the charity is doing to support children, young people and their families in Renfrewshire and across Scotland.

Cheryl added: “As soon as Robyn heard about Children 1st it struck a chord and she wanted to do something to help.”
After making T-shirts for herself and her five-year-old brother Max, Robyn started taking orders via ‘Sunshine and Rainbows’, the Facebook page the family set up.
And in just a matter of weeks, Robyn has sold over 300 items with orders coming in from across the UK and even Australia.
Cheryl said: “We have sent a few down South and across Scotland.
“We also have family in Australia so we’re going to be sending Robyn’s creations over there.”
So far Robyn has raised over £300 for the charity.
Cheryl said: “Everyone has been so generous.
“People have been giving her extra money for the charity.
“Although times are difficult for a lot of people just now, it’s nice to see people looking out for others.”
Caring Robyn has been enjoying her fashion project so much that she is keen to continue until she goes back to school.
Cheryl added: “I’m glad that it has worked the way it has.
“When it first started I thought we would probably sell a couple of things but it turned into something we could never have imagined.
“The fact that Robyn is happy and is enjoying every minute of it is the most important thing.”
Recently, Robyn organised a garden sale which was so successful that she sold out of the 100 face masks she created.
Cheryl said:” I can’t get over people’s generosity, we’re genuinely blown away.
“It is so appreciated.
“Thank you a million times over.”

Mhairi Gordon, a Children 1st Project Worker based in Renfrewshire, said the money raised by Robyn will make a huge difference to the lives of children, young people and their families in Paisley, Renfrew, Johnstone, Linwood and across Scotland as whole.
Mhairi said: “Children 1st in Renfrewshire works in partnership with Renfrewshire Council to support children and young people, and their families to recover from the trauma of abuse.
“We empower children and young people and their families to express their thoughts and feelings, to recover from their experiences and to increase their wellbeing.
“By working alongside the young people, we help them to bring about changes that will improve their lives and the lives of the wider community in Renfrew.
 “I just want to say a huge thank you to Robyn for her amazing fundraising for Children 1st.
 “It takes a very special girl to think of other people.”