Families involved in Children’s Hearings to get support through Parentline

Children 1st is working alongside the Scottish Children’s Reporters Administration (SCRA) to make sure families feel supported and their rights are upheld, as Children’s Hearings go virtual because of the coronavirus pandemic.

With Children’s Hearings Centres closed because of the coronavirus protection measures, our Parentline service will be offering support to families before and after virtual Hearings take place. Parentline will help families understand how their virtual Hearing will work, how they can have their voices and views heard and what their rights are.

During a Hearing life-changing decisions are made about a child or young person who may be in need of protection or support.  This can be an incredibly challenging and complex time for children and their families, so Parentline will also offer support after a Hearing. Parentline will give families space to talk through their feelings, to reflect on decisions made and to consider next steps.  For families that need it, Parentline will be able to offer ongoing practical and emotional support, including with specialist money advice.

As well as supporting families, Parentline will be sharing learning from children and families about participation in virtual Hearings to enable ourselves and the Scottish Children’s Reporter’s Administration to identify and make any further improvements in the support we offer and the way that virtual Hearings are run.