Kitbag shows Parliament the power of relationships

We were delighted to have a parliamentary reception hosted by Rona Mackay MSP, a passionate champion for children and young people, on Wednesday, 18 January. It was an opportunity to share examples of how we build trusting relationships alongside families to transform children’s lives.

While focusing only on problems can make people feel helpless, shamed and blamed, families tell us that having their stories heard within a warm, authentic relationship can be enough for them to accept the need to change and improve their lives.

One highlight was a powerful performance by children and families of Kitbag, a tool developed by the International Futures Forum (IFF) which children use to understand their feelings and build confidence and self-esteem.

Graham Leicester, Director of IFF, has written a blog about the event, explaining why children are our best teachers when it comes to paying more attention to human relationships in public services, policy and practice.