Thoughtful young people get creative to support Scotland's children

Crafty young entrepreneurs prove they ‘mean business’ by raising money to support children and young people throughout Scotland.

Lucy Kernahan and her friends Nina and Sophie from Glasgow have set up their own business to raise money for Children 1st – who work with families across Scotland to protect children from harm and to help them to recover from trauma and abuse.

As part of the charity’s Dragons Glen Junior challenge, the talented trio have set up their own company ‘Peachy Gifts’. They have already raised over £200 by selling themed gift packs to friends, family and through their Facebook page.

Lucy (11) said: “I like that I’m raising money to help other children. It’s a nice thing to do for people who don’t have as much as you.”

The caring youngsters are determined to help other children through the Children 1st Dragons Glen Junior challenge. The challenge offers young people £50 to grow their business and raise £500 in eight weeks, with support from business experts and sponsorship from Tigers LTD.

The financially savvy trio have reinvested the money made from the first round of sales into buying new stock.

Lucy explained: ‘We spent the full £50 on our first shopping trip, but we made all of that back plus more. We then used that money to buy the stuff for our Hallowe’en packs – which all sold out! Now we’re making Christmas Eve boxes and Christmas themed packs.’

Due to the pandemic, the team are not able to sell at local craft fares or other events, but they have been making smart use of social media to promote their business to help raise as much money as they can for the charity.

Lucy added: “I made a few videos on TikTok and people were commenting saying they wanted to buy the gift sets. We’re thinking of making a website or something so that people can buy it on there.

“We hope we can raise the full £500 by selling our Christmas stock!’

Lucy’s dad Gary said he is so proud of Lucy and her friends for using their creativity to support other children and families in communities across Scotland.

He said: “During the Dragons Glen Challenge, it’s been amazing to see how the girls have come up with ideas, thought about what they could sell and who would buy it.”

“It’s great to see the girls apply the things they’re learning in school, especially with the financial side. They’ve spent lots of time working out all of the maths behind their business and they are learning a lot as they go.”

Mairead Macleod, Senior Fundraiser at Children 1st, said they can’t thank Lucy and her friends enough for their support.

She said: “We are so excited to see young people like Lucy, Nina and Sophie taking part in the Dragons Glen Junior Challenge.

“Right now, families are telling us that they feel at the end of their tether. Many families are struggling to make ends meet and are looking for support to keep the gas running, put food on the table and to manage the emotional toll that the pandemic has taken.

“So by taking part in Dragons Glen Junior, these creative young people are helping to support these families whilst learning about business.’

The Dragons Glen Challenge teaches young people about marketing, budgeting and business in a fun and engaging way. Young people in Scotland aged 11-16 can sign up for the Dragons Glen Junior challenge online.