Try our new safe space activity sheet

Download our activity sheet and help your child find some moments of calm.

As the school year comes to an end, children are facing another period of transition. This year again, ongoing COVID-19 restrictions mean this might not be happening in the way families had hoped for – particularly if there are big changes happening like leaving nursery or primary school. Inspired by our work alongside families and with support of players of People’s Postcode Lottery, we have created a safe space activity sheet that can support your child to practice mindfulness and help them feel calmer in moments of anxiety or distress.

Creating a safe place is a lovely way to prepare for stressful moments before they happen. Download our activity sheet and ask your child to imagine a magical safe place and try and draw it. It could be anything: a beach, a forest or a football pitch. Wherever they feel happy and safe. Explain to them that it’s a special place they can go in their mind when they’re feeling stressed or worried. Help your child build a clear picture of their safe place. What does it feel like there? What can they see, hear, smell and touch? Ask them to give their safe place a name. If they don’t want to do a drawing they could try some craft, or stick a calming picture onto the activity sheet.

When moments of tension or anxiety come up you can remind your child about their safe place. Suggest they take a few minutes to sit with their eyes closed, take deep breaths and imagine they’re in their safe place. Use the name they chose for their space and let them know it’s always there. You can help your child engage with this activity by creating a safe place of your own. Try printing out an activity sheet for yourself and create a safe place alongside your child. It will help them see that everyone needs to find ways to look after themselves – and you might find it brings you some calm as well!

Download our activity sheet today and give it a try. If you don’t have a printer, all you need is a sheet of paper.

As restrictions ease, the distress and anxiety caused by lockdown will have a lasting impact on the mental health and wellbeing of children and families across Scotland. Every child should have access to support to keep them safe, make them strong and help them cope in the days ahead. This is a difficult time for everyone but if you can, please make a donation today to prevent children and families reaching breaking point.