A summer in lockdown: rest, reflect and recharge

This 'Wellbeing at Work' blog for our corporate supporters considers how you can make the most of a summer with continued restrictions.

We’ve seen a recent increase in families calling Children 1st Parentline to say they "want a break" from the pressures of the last few months. We’re sure many of you feel the same. However, many are facing an uncertain future at work or financial uncertainty. And for those who aren’t, competition to book that last minute lockdown-compliant getaway is fierce. Therefore, many of us will be looking at a home-based ‘staycation’ this summer, which might not feel all that different from the last few months!

It’s still hugely important to make time to rest, reflect and recharge after the intensity of lockdown, and while Scotland enjoys the summer days. This week’s tips will look at things to consider over summer at work and at home.

Today’s tips will look at:

  1. Care cards: give yourself a break
  2. Reflect: strategic futures
  3. Recharge: what works for you?

1. Care cards: give yourself a break

Staff from our East Renfrewshire service, together with our graphic designer Jo and a local school, have developed a set of ‘care cards’ to support families this summer. Worksheets are designed to help families or individuals to think about ways they want to:

  • Distract themselves from non-essential worries and tasks
  • Relax
  • Show kindness
  • Identify any questions they’d like to ask

The cards are a wonderful way to take care of wellbeing and can be downloaded from our website. Please share these with your teams and encourage them to spend some time considering these activities. It’s a great way to teach children self-care too.

2. Reflect: strategic futures

As well as offering ways to keep connected with staff working remotely, charitable activities can also offer a way to make a huge impact on the communities you work in. Now could be the time to consider how you’ve worked with charity partners in the past, and whether it’s time to adopt a more embedded, strategic approach.

If you want to make your company more attractive to staff and clients who are switched on to corporate impact and ethical consumerism, and if you are looking to establish a transformational partnership that can grow and deliver life-changing impact for children in Scotland, get in touch with our Partnerships team to start discussions.

We recently held our first roundtable conversation for corporate partners where we discussed these ideas and more. If you would like to take part in a future event, get in touch.

3. Recharge: what works for you?

Whether it’s meditation, being silly with the kids (maybe organising an outdoor sports day), wild swimming, walks in nature or spending time pampering yourself with an at home spa day, there’s lots of ways to build up your reserves of energy. Find the one that works for you and try to make time to include it in your routine.

It’s easy to feel guilty when making time for ourselves, but remember that you can’t pour from an empty cup! We’re in a better position to support others when we’re feeling strong and centred ourselves. If family worries make you feel like you can’t relax, contact Children 1st Parentline to chat through them with a kind, listening ear.

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Thank you for your continued support. We hope these blog posts continue to be of interest for you and your teams. Please do share them with your networks and let us know if there’s anything you’d like to see in a future post.

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Take care and stay safe,

Team Children 1st