Marking and coping with changes

This 'Wellbeing at Work' blog for our corporate supporters looks at ways you can make the most of the end of the summer holidays with some mindfulness.

With just a few weeks of the summer holidays remaining, your inspiration for keeping children entertained might be running low. Our family support staff and Children 1st Parentline team have put together a list of simple yet creative ideas to keep children entertained. These can also be used for adults so take a look at a few of these in more detail below. And, if you’d like advice for children looking forward to a school transition, Children 1st Parentline is here to help.

Today’s tips will look at:

  1. Celebrating the positives
  2. Capturing the moment – time capsules
  3. Strategies for calm – self soothe boxes

1. Celebrating the positives

There are lots of things we’re now able to do for the first time in a while, thanks to reduced restrictions. Whether you’ve been able to meet with friends or family you’ve not seen, have paid a visit to your favourite restaurant or bar, spent a night away or enjoyed the return of the Scottish Premier League (have you taken a #MatchDaySelfie yet?), there’s lots of positives to celebrate. We can take strength from having made it through!

2. Capturing the moment – time capsules

One interesting idea that can help everyone reflect on the good things that have happened in lockdown, and look forward to the future, is creating a time capsule. The idea is to gather interesting facts and positive memories to put into your time capsule – this can be done as a family or individually. Capsules could include:

  • A factsheet of what you are like right now: your age, your height, your favourite things
  • Interviews with other family members
  • A video call interview with someone outside your house, like a grandparent or friend
  • Drawings or stories
  • The description of a typical day
  • What are you doing to keep busy? Have you learnt anything new?
  • What things are you most looking forward to doing again?
  • Have you had any events or birthdays in lockdown? What did you do to make them special?
  • Your favourite things you've done
  • A letter to your future self

You could keep adding to it as restrictions change so that when you look back you will have a record of what it was like coming out of lockdown.

3. Strategies for calm – self soothe boxes

Even with these positive changes, it's still an anxious time and people of all ages will be feeling the strain. A self soothe box brings together things that ground you and help you feel peaceful, which you can use any time you feel worried or anxious. It's recommended to include a range of sensory items and something to focus your mind on.

You could include something to smell, something to touch, something to look at and maybe even something to taste. You could choose a favourite song to play while you/your child use the box, which may also help regulate slow, rhythmic breathing. If creating boxes with children, they could also decorate the outside to make it feel extra special. Some ideas to include are:

  • Something to touch - a stress ball or soft toy
  • Something to smell - a favourite cream or some perfume on a tissue
  • Memories - photos, letters or special mementos
  • Activities - colouring sheets or a favourite book


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