Flynn's story

Flynn* (9) came to Children 1st after worries about his mental health due to the domestic abuse he had witnessed.

FlynnChildren 1st is a leading expert in providing holistic family support to help children and our success and outcomes for family support work are extraordinary. At our first meeting his mum shared that Flynn would have angry outbursts and his behaviour was “uncontrollable” to the point that sometimes she would have to restrain him.

Flynn's mum said he was so traumatised that he wouldn’t talk about his dad and couldn’t even use the word ‘dad’ when talking about him.

During Flynn’s first few sessions we looked at worries. Flynn began to open up about his dad and how fearful he was that he would come back. Through weekly one-to-one support Flynn talked about the frightening things he had witnessed. After only six weeks of working together his mum reported a huge change in his behaviour and that he was a "different boy".

I asked Flynn what he had felt helped the most and he said "everything" as "they helped me be calmer and not as angry".

His Head Teacher said: "I have seen a tremendous difference in Flynn since you have been working with him over the past few months. He is a changed boy. He has grown in confidence and has joined the school choir – something I couldn`t have imagined happening a year ago! I am so proud of Flynn now. Keep it up!!!"

Flynn's mum feels that he is a lot calmer now and when he does get angry it only takes him ten minutes to calm down whereas before it would take two hours. She is also pleased as he "used to always quit things when they got too hard" but now he sticks at things more.


Abuse and neglect in childhood leave lasting emotional scars. Recovery is possible, with support. But it takes time, empathy, commitment and consistency.

  • £10 could pay for art materials used in one-to-one abuse and trauma recovery sessions.
  • £15 could pay for half an hour of call taking from ParentLine Scotland.
  • £25 could pay for a therapeutic support session for a child who has experienced abuse and trauma to help them recover and move on. 


*To protect the confidentiality of the young person, identifying information has been changed.