Freya's story

When Freya and her mum met Children 1st they had just moved to the area and Freya was struggling to settle into her new life.

Trying to deal with everything that comes with being a teenager, as well as making new friends and starting a new school, felt overwhelming. Freya didn’t want to do things or go to school, and she was spending a lot of time on her own. 

Through video calls, Mhairi from Children 1st helped Freya to build her confidence and stop being so hard on herself when she found things difficult. Together they agreed fun activities for Freya to do that would give her some motivation and show her that she could do lots of things if she wanted to.

One of the activities was a drawing to represent freedom. Freya did this amazing drawing about how people can feel different on the inside from what they show on the outside. Freya explained:

“The girl is surrounded by moths, who have freedom as they can fly away wherever they wish. The girl would like to be a moth, that’s why her clothes resemble moth wings. People see her clothes and think she can be as free as moth, but she isn’t.”

Activities like this help Freya to understand her feelings and then think about things that might help. Mhairi and Freya’s mum are delighted to see Freya becoming happier and more confident.

Mhairi and Freya will keep up their chats to help Freya realise just what a special young person, and talented artist she is!