Jane’s story

Jane describes her experience of calling Parentline, Children 1st's digital family support service:

"Just before Christmas my ex-partner walked out with my little baby and I haven’t seen them since. Solicitors are involved, but over Christmas everywhere was closed and most helplines I tried to call didn’t answer. I desperately needed to talk to someone about my situation. None of my friends knew and I couldn’t bear to tell them.

"When I called Parentline I felt completely lost and empty.

"The lady who answered the phone was very kind. I explained the situation and the abuse I’d suffered at the hands of my ex. She was really lovely.

"I didn’t know how I was going to make it through another day without my baby, but Parentline gave me a little sparkle of faith.

"I am grateful, Parentline really helped me in my hour of need.

I don’t know what will happen to me or my baby, but the call to Parentline has helped me to see some hope for the future."


Whatever it is that affects your family, you can talk it over, in confidence, with Parentline. We're here by phone, webchat, email or text - wherever you are. 



To protect the confidentiality of the person, identifying information has been changed.