Rory's story

Rory (13) (not his real name) and his six siblings suffered extreme neglect and emotional abuse as young children and were placed in foster care after being abandoned in a local park by their birth parents.

The children were split up when they were placed into foster care, but Rory and his brother Sam managed to stay together. Eventually Rory and Sam were adopted. Tragically both children were emotionally abused and neglected by their adoptive parents and had to move back into foster care.

When Rory was 12 years old, his foster carer asked for support for him from Children 1st. Rory was struggling emotionally and showing lots of distress through his behaviour. His confidence and self-esteem were very low and Rory found it difficult to relax and enjoy himself.

Then his relationship with Children 1st began.

Rory met with his Children 1st support worker on a weekly basis for 16 months. The activities they did together helped him to make sense of what had happened to him.

He created a timeline of his life, and made a ‘bad memories box’ which he filled with the painful experiences of abuse from his birth and in his adoptive family.

Meanwhile Rory’s brother joined him in his foster family and, knowing that he was now safe, Rory was more able to draw on his own strengths to make changes in his life. Rory now felt fully included in his foster family, and with the stealing and soiling now stopped he no longer felt shame.

Here, in Rory's own words, is the difference Children 1st made to his life:

Rory letter

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