Speaking up for Scotland's children

We speak out on issues that affect children and their families and strive to change policy and practice for the better.

We engage with politicians in the UK and Scottish parliaments on laws that affect children and young people, providing written and oral evidence.

We respond to consultations undertaken to develop policy and practice, and share briefings with MPs and MSPs on key issues debated in Parliament.

We listen to children and work alongside families to take their views into account. And we work with other organisations to maximise our impact and bring about change.

Our priorities

Our current policy priorities include:

  • Keeping children safe

    It's everybody’s responsibility to protect children and keep them safe

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  • The impact of trauma

    We raise awareness of the impact of trauma and the need for recovery services across Scotland

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  • Family support

    Often the best way to help children is by supporting their families

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  • Children and the justice system

    Involvement in the justice system can be difficult and upsetting for children and young people

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  • Children's rights

    Children 1st aims to take a rights-based approach to all aspects of our work

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