You can make a difference

More and more children and families are in crisis. They feel like they have nowhere to turn, no one to listen, no one to help. Your support can help every child recover.

As restrictions ease, the distress and anxiety caused by lockdown will have a lasting impact on the mental health and wellbeing of children and families across Scotland. Every child should have access to support to keep them safe, make them strong and help them cope in the days ahead.

Your donation can help prevent children and families reaching breaking point:

  • £112 is the average cost of a crisis grant for a family - it can include food vouchers, nappies or even replace a broken cooker so children can have home cooked meals.
  • £45 will pay for a family session to talk about anxieties and mental health worries.
  • £21 will give a child a Mini-Kitbag, to support them to talk about and understand how they feel as they recover from the emotional and physical impact of lockdown.

Ella’s story (told by Ella’s mum)

“Our 8-year-old daughter had a sharp and sudden change to her mental health. For years we muddled on and tried our best but we had reached a crisis point.

Our GP eventually got us help. We were relieved but our relief turned to fear. The one size fits all approach didn’t work - we didn’t fit and nor did Ella.

We were desperate. Months later, we contacted our GP again and this time we were introduced to Children 1st. We felt relief and at the same time a feeling of failure. Were we a family that needed the support of a charity? In the past when I thought of families in crisis, I never saw our family reflected back - a struggling family, in need of support.

Thankfully, Children 1st just saw a family. They focused on getting to know Ella. They listened, understood, showed kindness and built trust. The charity was a lifeline during lockdown.

They made Ella’s recovery from her traumatic experiences possible. We are so thankful.”


Now, Ella feels safe. 

This is a difficult time for everyone but if you can, please make a donation today.

If your family need some help or support, or you know a family that does, Children 1st Parentline is here.

We can give you emotional, financial and practical support, over the phone and online. Call free on 08000 28 22 33 or start a webchat on the Children 1st Parentline webpage.


*To protect the confidentiality of the people involved, identifying information has been changed.