This Christmas, let’s make Santa’s list the only list children care about

Thousands of children across Scotland are on a waiting list for urgent help and support. Your donation can change this.

With your support children can get the help they need, as soon as they need it.

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The distress and anxiety caused by coronavirus is having a lasting impact on the mental health and wellbeing of children and families across Scotland. No child should have to wait for support.

Your donation is an investment in the future of Scotland’s children. You will help them avoid a waiting list and get support to recover, as soon as they need it.

With your support children won’t have to worry about a waiting list this Christmas

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Ava’s story (as told by Ava’s mum)

“Last year, our world had changed upside down. I ended an abusive relationship, lost my job of eight years and worst of all, watched the health of my 14 year old daughter, Ava, get worse and worse.

She developed an eating disorder. She got so thin, she had to use a hair bobble to hold up her clothes and hide her extreme weight loss. She weighed just four stone.

Ava’s health was so bad she couldn’t go to school. And then Covid only made things worse. She rarely left the house. She never saw her friends.

Thankfully, the school nurse saw what was going on and put us in touch with Olivia at Children 1st. At first I thought, what do they want? Are they going to be nosey and try to find faults in what I’m doing? But I needn’t have worried. Olivia was there to support us as a family. She has helped us emotionally and practically and built trust with Ava, which has encouraged her to develop her confidence and self-belief.

Without Children 1st, I’m scared to think what would have happened. We are so grateful to Olivia and everyone at Children 1st."


Ava is now getting the help and support she urgently needed.

To protect the confidentiality of the people involved, identifying information has been changed.