Training and events

You must be an appointed safeguarder to access Continuing Professional Development (CPD) opportunities and associated materials.                     

Read an update from the CPD group on the development of the CPD calendar (PDF).                                 

Future safeguarder CPD opportunities and events

September 2018

  • Optional Training on Analytical Report Writing & Professional Decision Making

Please contact the Safeguarders Panel Team for more information and details on how to enrol.

Evaluation of recent CPD opportunities and events

Read the collated evaluation report on recent CPD training (PDF).

Spring/Summer 2018

  • Requisite Training in Trauma Based Practice and Resilience
  • Optional Training on Analytical Report Writing
  • Optional Training on Practical Approaches to Communicating with Children, Young People and Families.

Autumn/Winter 2017/18

  • Requisite Training in Attachment
  • Optional Training on Court Skills and Appeals
  • Optional Training on Impact of Parental Substance Use
  • Pilot Local Engagement Events were held in the following areas: Dundee, Aberdeen, Edinburgh and Glasgow.

Spring 2017

Permanency/Adoption and Practice Note on the Role of the Safeguarder in Contact

Aims to enable safeguarders to explore the role of the safeguarder in appointments where permanency or adoption is being considered and to contribute to the development of a practice note on the role of the safeguarder in contact.

Autumn 2016

The Impact of Parental Substance Use on Children: Practice Note on Reports

Aims to enable safeguarders to reflect on the lived experience of children affected by parental substance use and to inform the final version of the Practice Notes as produced by the Practice Notes Group on Reports.   

Spring 2016

Child Protection and Eliciting the Views of Children

Aims to provide safeguarders with an overview of their child protection responsibilities within the context of the Children & Young People (Scotland) Act 2014 and to consider research and practice in eliciting the views of children.

Download an evaluation of and feedback from this training.

External training

The Scottish Child Law Centre provide regular training on children’s rights and the law, which may be of interest to safeguarders. Find further information on their website. Please note that the Safeguarders Panel Team are not involved in the organisation or administration of these events and will not be in a position to meet any of the associated costs.