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Reading is a building block for life. But there are thousands of young children across Scotland who miss out because they do not own books. Help them reach their potential by laying the foundation that is reading.

Give a monthly gift of £10 to inspire a love of reading by providing funding for free books every month to children from their birth to the age of five.

Your gift will make a difference to the children and families we work alongside, providing practical and emotional support and encouraging a love of reading in young children through our partnership with Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library.

Nicola Sturgeon Reads Mabel and The Mountain by Kim Hillyard
Tom Urie reads Mr Big by Ed Vere
Katy Johnston reads 'Otto the Book Bear' by Katie Cleminson

Reading is an essential building block for life

Up to the age of three, a child’s brain will make connections faster than it ever will again. The experiences and learning during these first few years create the connections, whether it’s love, fear, joy or sadness – these early experiences will have effects that last for the rest of their life. It can have a positive impact on their ability to learn and succeed in life.

Reading helps a child’s brain develop. It improves their vocabulary and they begin to understand that a book tells a story. Spending precious time reading with their parent or carer increase a child’s communication and language skills and build nurturing relationships.

Thousands of children across the UK do not own a book according to the Literacy Trust. Up to 50% of children in disadvantaged areas start school without the language skills they need to progress. Those language skills are the building blocks they need for their future.

Inspire a child’s imagination

By supporting this book gifting programme you’ll inspire a love of reading in the hearts of children across the country. Every month, children from birth to age five will receive a high quality, age appropriate book in the post, free of charge. Each book becomes a precious gift addressed to the child and adds another book to what will become their own special library.

Your support will ensure children receive the support they need and nurture a love of reading. Give the love of reading to a child in Scotland today.

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