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Reading is a building block for life. When children read stories with families and loved ones it helps build relationships and connections.

But there are thousands of young children across Scotland who miss out because they do not have the same access to books that other families enjoy. 

You can help change this. Through our partnership with Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library your donation will help provide free books every month to children from birth to age five. 

Give the love of sharing stories to children across Scotland, today.


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Why are books so important?

Up to the age of three, a child’s brain will make connections faster than it ever will again. Reading has a positive impact on children’s ability to learn and succeed in life.

Reading helps a child’s brain develop. It improves their vocabulary, sparks their imagination and helps them understand emotions. Spending precious time reading with their parent or carer increases a child’s communication and language skills, builds strong relationships and helps them feel safe.

Thousands of children across the UK do not own a book according to the Literacy Trust. Up to 50% of children in disadvantaged areas start school without the language skills they need to progress. Those language skills are the building blocks children need for their future.

Inspire a child’s imagination

Through our partnership with Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library, every child from birth to the age of five who is signed up to the programme receives a high quality, age-appropriate book in the post each month. Each book is a precious gift addressed to the child and adds another book to their own special library.


How your donation makes a difference 

And by setting up a regular donation you will be inspiring and nurturing a love of reading among children and their families across Scotland.