For Safeguarders

Safeguarders play an integral role within the Children’s Hearings System and contribute to the decision-making and outcomes for children and young people. The Safeguarders Panel Team values the commitment of Safeguarders and is dedicated to providing support and promoting best practices.

On this page, Safeguarders can find useful information about their role, policy and guidance, training and events, and resources.

Safeguarder talking to Sheriff

  • Policies and Guidance

    Scottish Ministers must monitor the performance of members of the Safeguarders Panel.

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  • Resources

    Resources, publications and newsletters for Safeguarders.

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  • Training and Events

    Discover more about our Practice Standards as well as upcoming training & events.

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  • Fees and expenses

    Information on fees and expenses for members of the Safeguarders Panel.

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