Feedback can be provided using the Safeguarders Panel Feedback Form. Once completed, the feedback form can be sent to the Safeguarders Panel Team using the contact details below.

Your feedback is very important to us and to Safeguarders and we welcome all types of feedback. Sometimes people only get round to giving feedback when something hasn’t gone as well as they had hoped it would, but positive feedback matters just as much.

When a Safeguarder has done a good job we believe it is important that they know it. Feedback from children, families and professionals in the field is especially valuable when we seek to demonstrate the value of Safeguarders both to individual Safeguarders themselves and to others.

We particularly welcome feedback about:

  • the involvement of a Safeguarder in a child’s case
  • any general improvements which could be made to the service
  • any other issues which are relevant to Safeguarders.

Contact details

Safeguarders Panel Team
Children 1st
83 Whitehouse Loan

Telephone: 0345 604 4296

Email: or contact us via the form below.